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We would like to thank all the programme developers who generously shared their research and resources with us and gave their time for interviews and reviews of the intervention summaries that we produced. We are enormously grateful for your support in helping us develop this resource.

We would also like to sincerely thank all the services and individuals who kindly gave their time to talk to us about their experience of implementing interventions and contributed to the case studies. This has been an invaluable addition to the resource.

Carol Thabet

Clare Booth

Crispin Day

Elaine Milmine

Fiona Steele

Hatice Osman

Jacqueline Evans

Jean Brodie

Jo Nicoll

Liz Hill



Lynn Nicholson

Lynn Wragg

Sarah Williams

Sue Cameron

Susan Robison

We would like to extend sincere thanks to the following individuals who have contributed to the development of the Early Intervention Framework:

Alison Hannan

Allison Metz

Ally Winford

Amy Woodhouse

Bernadette Bradley

Brenda Renz

Carly Grant

Carolyn Wilson

Cathy Richards

Christine Puckering

Clare Booth

Deborah Wason

Donna Paxton

Elaine Ogilvie

Emma Steel

Fiona Fraser

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Drury

Gwen Galbraith

Heather Membride

Helen Bradford

Imran Arain

Jacqui Howison

James Cox

Jane White

Jean Brodie

Jean Cowie

Jean Rankin

Jillian Sinclair

Joanne Smith

John Connolly

Judy Thomson

Julia Egan

Julie Metcalfe

Kimberley Ross

Kirsten Coull

Kirsty Fawns

Lauren Corlett

Liz Sturley

Marguerite Hunter Blair

Marisa Forte

Marita Brack

Martin Dorchester

Martin Gemmell

Matthias Schwannauer

Nasreen Moya

Penny Rackett

Regina Esiovwa

Rob Wrate

Ross Whitehead

Ruth Flynn

Sheila Gordon

Sina Currie

Susan Galloway

Susan McGinnis

Suzanne Mills

Tracy Stephen