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You can use the resource to:

Search for Interventions

If you are looking to implement a new intervention aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people you can search the EI Framework database for an intervention that best meets your needs. The search functions allow you search by target age, intended population or outcome, mode of delivery model and more.

Gather Information about Interventions

When you have narrowed down your search you can read about the interventions. Information has been divided into indicators based on the Hexagon Tool (see Contextual Fit for more information). You will find information about the intervention’s Usability, Supports provided by the programme developers and the best Evidence for the intervention based on your target age of interest. These indicators, called Programme Indicators, have all been given a score based on the Hexagon Tool rating criteria (download a copy of the Hexagon Tool here). On the Intervention Pages you will also find information about the Implementing Site Indicators; Fit, Capacity and Need. Here you will find information and prompt questions that will help you think about whether the intervention is a good fit for your local context, meets the need you are looking to fulfil with a new approach or intervention, and information about the capacity required to implement and sustain the intervention successfully.

Complete a Self-Assessment

From the intervention pages of any selected intervention you can click on “Complete Assessment”. Here you will again find the Programme Indicator information and scores. You will also find the information about the Implementing Site Indicators, but here you will be able to enter responses to the prompt questions and self-score the Implementing Site Indicators based on your unique implementation context.

Compare Interventions

From the intervention pages or the self-assessment pages you will have the option to add the intervention to the “Compare Intervention” section. Here you will be able to view the scores of the selected interventions side by side, enabling a direct comparison to be made.

Save Intervention Information

From the intervention pages you will be able to download a copy of the information presented on the intervention. From the Self-Assessment pages you will be able to save your scores and responses entered to questions by entering your email address. A link to the saved assessment will be sent to you. Once the self-assessment scoring is completed, you can also download a copy of all the indicators with your responses to the Implementing Site Indicator scores and questions.